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Filmymantra’s review of Taapsee Pannu’s Blurr: shimmers in the dark thriller

Key takeaways: 

  • Is Taapsee Pannu’s long-anticipated movie, Blurr, worth a watch? 

Taapsee Pannu’s role of Gayatri’s search for her visually challenged twin sister Gautami’s demise leads to unbelievable twists and turns in Blurr. 

Both Gayatri and Gautami suffer from advanced eyesight loss. 

Assured that Gautami won’t ever take her life, Gayatri goes to Uttarakhand from Delhi with her spouse, Neel (Gulshan Devaiah), to unravel the puzzle behind her sister’s demise. The capacity to which a human mind can go builds the story of this movie. 

What’s hot?

Taapsee Pannu is well-known for taking up challenges, and beginning her journey as a producer with a highly-acclaimed international movie, was a considerable risk. 

Blurr is a recreation of the Spanish movie Julia’s Eyes, and Taapsee has given her everything to her debut experience as a producer. The film, set in the background of the hilly area of Uttarakhand, takes you to a cosmos, countering those Instagram pictures on your feed. 

The palette and texture of the movie used by director-composer Ajay Bahl do justice to this dark movie. 

Without shifting much from the storyline, Ajay Bahl and Pawan Sony’s idea of effectively peeling the unseeable layers of a human mind will stun your senses. 

The outer corners to which social contradictions can push a person are exemplified through subtle details in this movie. The thrill advances in the second half, and you will undergo jumpscares more than twice.

What’s not?

This two-hour-long film could have been crisper. The climax shot was well-penned, but Manish Pradhan’s editing made it predictable for the fans. Nobody likes the cameras to keep rolling after the puzzle is cracked. 

The two-hour-long film keeps you thinking if Blur is a dark suspense or a horror movie, given the jumpscares and zoomed-in shadows of the actors in those filthy structures of Uttarakhand.

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