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Filmymantra’s review of Rohit Shetty’s directorial Cirkus 

Key takeaways: 

  • Rohit Shetty’s movie, Cirkus, starring Ranveer Singh, Varun Sharma, Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandez, was launched today. 

A set of similar twins from Mr Roy Jamnadas’ orphanage finds families from different places that are ready for their adoption. 

Mr Roy (Murali Sharma), the doctor, is specified on proving his theory of ‘nurture above nature’ and takes an extreme step to verify that the values one imbibes make a person’s features and that inheritance has no significant role in it. 

Both sets of twins, Joy (Varun Sharma) and Roy (Ranveer Singh), live their happy lives in Bangalore and Ooty until one of the sets decides to see Ooty, where the other brothers own a Cirkus, and that’s when the wit or errors start. 

While one of the twins is resistant to electric shock, the other one, in another city, has an intense effect of this and emits electricity. 

Cirkus, helmed by Rohit Shetty, is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. Do the twins discover their true identity? Is Dr Roy’s ‘nurture above nature’ theory verified? These two queries form the essential core of the story.

What works

Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh are a lethal combination, and there are no second opinions about it. Slapstick wits are challenging to make, but Shetty always gets it precisely as he’s conscious of the pulse of his viewers. 

The larger-than-life sets, the colourful palette, and the texture of the movie is Rohit’s forte, which caters to the groups. The point of beautiful tea estates and the quirky features of every character adds life to Cirkus. 

When it comes to casting, Rohit always succeeds. He is known for sticking by his crew and repeating his artists, which gives the viewers a feeling of relatability. 

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