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Filmymantra's review of Avatar: The Way Of Water Movie - Filmymantra

Filmymantra’s review of Avatar: The Way Of Water Movie

Key takeaways: 

  • Avatar is one of the most successful Hollywood movies of all time. 

What’s Good:  Cameron is not hell-bent on rebuilding the world totally just because he has more funds and means, but he is committed to telling you the tale of the characters he has created so well.

What’s Bad: He goes into a spot where it basically feels like you are in a pram, and James has the handle to guide you through this world. It is also fine but has a lot of simplifying in details.

Loo Break: After over a decade, a filmmaker has returned with his crown jewel. Even in boring moments, you have no right even to shift your focus. 

Jake Sully is no longer a human driving an Avatar but very much a Na’vi (individuals of Pandora). 

He is not only the Olo’yekton but even the Toruk Makto and is responsible for guiding the whole community that stays in the forest and worships. 

The sky individuals come back one day, and it is the old rival packaged in a new character, and Jake has to beat him and protect his family. Yes, he is a dad to four kids now, five, honestly, you will know.

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review: screenplay analysis

Someone on Earth with a lab that raises the level of human creativity. Please conduct every conceivable test on James and his crew to understand at what level these experts think and how far it goes. 

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