EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 will start airing on THIS date


Bigg Boss is the biggest, the most watched, the most followed, the most controversial and the most awaited Indian television reality show! This season shall be the thirteenth season of the show and as per the reports, despite Salman Khan’s claim of not continuing to be the host, Salman Khan shall be hosting this season as well! To bring some rest to the people eagerly waiting for this season of Bigg Boss, here’s revealing to you the airing date of Bigg Boss 13!

The theme that the show will be based shall be “horror” as per reports! Unlike the previous three seasons, this one won’t have any commoner. Instead, they will only have celebrities, owing to the dipping TRPs in the last edition. A source says, “They have officially discussed the date in the team, and usually September-October is when they look to begin. BB13 will start telecasting from September 29 this time and given that the show is usually a 15-week affair, the Grand Finale is expected to be around January 12, 2020.” The Colors team has chalked put a perfect plan already. “They have already started building their house in Goregaon’s Film City and ditched the usual Lonavla sets this time. They roll with Madhuri Dixit led Dance Deewane 2 from June 15, which is again a 31-episode series. It ends on September 28 and the very next day, Salman Khan will shoot the grand premiere of BB13.”

Although there is no official statement given by the Bigg Boss authorities or the actress herself, it has been known that the first contestant of the show Bigg Boss 13 shall be Zareen Khan. Zareen Khan is the actress who worked with Salman Khan in the movie Veer and also was a part of Housefull 3! Talking about the contestants, there are reports which suggest that television actor Karan Patel is also going to be a part of this season, the theme of which is going to be horror. There has been no official announcement regarding anything around the show, but we can’t wait for the makers to make one soon.

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