Emergency declared in 1975- Memories that will take you back to the significant epoch

India has always been governed by intellectual leaders. However, certain situations have lead to create unprecedented stir in the country. One such historic moment was portrayed back in 1975. Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi decalred a national Emergency on June 25, 1975.

This emergency took away the power and freedom of one and all. It bestowed all powers only on Indira Gandhi. Noted to be as one of the darkest days of the country after Independence, it certainly curbed powers of media and journalism too. None of the Indian citizens had any civil liberty on account of this Emergency.

As mentioned in history, all the powerful leaders were barred from speaking and were jailed on making any efforts. The emergency was indeed the most petrifying moment.

What happened then during the Emergency was severe and terrifying. It can’t be expressed well in words. You meed to see these handpicked pictures of the era to understand the level of severity of the situation. These pictures clearly depict the indignant state that the cpuntry was in.

#1. All powers were constrained to Indira Gandhi only

Indira gandhi on emergency

#2. PM Indira Gandhi declaring the emergency



#3. Powerful Opposition leaders were jailed

Leaders jailed in emergency

#4. Current PM Narendra Modi disguised to hide his identity

N modi in emergency

#5. BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy disguised too

Bjp in emergency

#6. Localities around Jama Masjid demolished

Jama masjid

#7. Press was allegedly censored. All India Radio too was tranquilized.

Press during Emergency

#8. People continued opposition via a Hindi Newspaper Himmat

Himmat in emergency

#9. Artist Sadaf Hashmi opposing Indira Gandhi along with several other intellectual people

Sadaf in emergency

#10. Emergency was depicted by this picture of George Fernandes

George in emergency

#11. Sanjay Gandhi was forced to prevent birth in people

Sanjay gandhi vasectomy


#12. Bollywood film Aandhi based on politics starring Suchitra Sen was banned during Emergency



#13. Yet another movie Kissa Kursi Ka was banned

Bollywood in emergency

#14. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan was lathi charged by the police

Lathi charge in energency

#15. Finally after 2 long years, Supreme Court ordered Indira Gandhi to end the Emergency in 1977.




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