Dominic Leblanc to get the Fiber Optic and telecommunication market in India

    Dominic Leblanc from Canada Quebec is a Fiber optic speafialist and is quickly turning one of the most resourceful man in his industry.

    Dominic has been a specialist in fiber optics for several years. He has thorough knowledge and years of experience in the telecommunications and computer networking purpose around the world.

    His passion for the field generated from childhood as Leblanc knew what he wanted to achieve has went to persuaded his passion leaving no stone unturned he achieved his goal of becoming a part of Fiber optics.

    Apart from that Dominic Leblanc has his interest in photography and travels across the world grasping a number of people’s interest with his astounding photography skills.

    When asked about the same Dominic says “I’ve always loved taking photographs.It’s truly a blessing to be able to see the world differently through the lens of a camera. It’s a hobby I truly enjoy and will continue to do well into the future.”

    Dominic soon will be presenting his business techniques and skilful telecommunication knowledge in India inspiring a number of people who are willing to make their career in the field.