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Christmas is here! See photos of Kim Kardashian and more celebs celebrating Christmas

Key takeaways: 

  • The vacations are here, and lights are flashing everywhere. 
  • See how celebrities have been doing their Christmas decorations right here.

We love so many things about Christmas, but adorning the tree is just about our favourite tradition. Dressing up in the family firm can be so much joy, even as an adult. 

Bring some lights and your favourite hand-me-down decorations, and your Christmas masterwork awaits. 

While it’s hard for anyone to withstand that holiday flash, superstars take Christmas joy to a new level. A-listers appear to always go all out for their vacation decorations, topping themselves each year. For favourite kiddos, this always makes for a charmed Xmas.

Having a villa means tons of space to adorn, so celebrities usually snag trees that tower over ten ′, 15′, or even 20′ tall! And with all those spaces to fill, they might even require more than one.

Kim Kardashian

With a centre name like Noel, Kim Kardashian has to be the diva of Christmas, but she led things to a new level for the 2022 breaks. 

She posted the view from her private bathroom on her Instagram, showing at least half-a-dozen fully lit Christmas trees on her balcony.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ent seasons hellos with a positive message which shook at her classic, Mean Girls. In an Instagram clip written, “‘Tis the season!” she flung a golden ornament at a white tinsel tree while her understanding of “Jingle Bell Rock” played in the background. The moment the decoration struck the tree, it came alive with lights. Bring.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton set the “final touches” on her, and her family’s regal Christmas tree in a new video that was uploaded to her and her hubby Prince William‘s official Twitter handle on Dec. 14. 

In the video, she looked beautiful in a white and black patterned winter turtleneck sweater with buttons on the sleeves and black fitted jeans.

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