Celina Jaitley gives a befitting reply to a troller who poked fun at her

People making fun of celebrities on Twitter is becoming a trend these days. The ravishing beauty Celina Jaitley became the target of these trolls recently. The actress was quite invisible from the big screen for a while and made a comeback with her web series Season’s Greetings.

Celina Jaitley

Given the recent banter on Twitter comprising of several Bollywood celebrities coming up with their struggles in the industry and nepotism, Celina too expressed her anecdote. Many actors proclaimed to have given up to the favouritism. While rest of them have succumbed to it and stayed strong.

Celina narrated on Twitter that she was completely exhausted by the constant politics of the Bollywood industry. So much so that she had to give up on her dream of acting and took a step back from her career. She also mentioned how persistently she was treated like an outsider as a result of which there was a deep negative impact on her career.

Bollywood actress

Instead of reacting to this positively, one of the Twitter user attacked her saying she too should have used her father’s name Arun Jaitley to achieve the desired success. He definitely was being sarcastic, however, Celina gave him a befitting reply.

The user wrote,

“@CelinaJaitly you could’ve used your father’s name @arunjaitley to get films”

To this Celina replied,

“My fathers name was COLONEL VK JAITLY not late shree @arunjaitley.
My father was an infantryman and a war hero who ultimately succumbed to degeneration of war time injuries.”

Celina’s angry fans brutally trolled the user for his comment and fully supported the actress. The user received so much hatred that he had to finally write back to her.

“Ma’am I know it very well. Both about your father and Arun Jaitely. My tweet was just a sarcasm. I only wanted to pull your leg. Your Fans/Followers just went brutal at me. Have a good one”