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Breaking! Uorfi aka Urfi Javed jailed in Dubai; check out details

Key takeaways: 

  • Uorfi Javed has been imprisoned in Dubai.
  • She has landed into a problem for filming in revealing clothes in public.
  • Officers are interrogating her in Dubai.

TV star and Bigg Boss OTT competitor Uorfiaka Urfi Javed has been confined in UAE. The star was on holiday; the latest story is that she was held there. 

It is being said that she was filming a video in revealing clothes in public, which is not permitted in the nation.


It has been affirmed that Uorfi Javed, who makes heads turn with her sartorial picks, has been detained in the UAE, where she had been on holiday. 

The star reportedly landed into a problem for filming a video in Dubai in revealing clothes in public. 

When we went to Uorfi’s crew for more details, they abstained from commenting on the issue. The officers are presently interrogating her.


If the information in ETimes is to be considered, then Uorfi was in trouble for filming in revealing clothes in public. 

A source was cited as saying, “She had recorded a video for her Instagram in clothes made by her, which was revealing as per the authorities here in Dubai.”

“The truth is that there is no issue with the outfit, but where she recorded the video was an open area, and they don’t consider it to be permitted to wear what she sported. The police are interrogating her. Let’s see what happens.”


Uorfi’s vacation to Dubai appears to get more stressful with each day. The acorn was before diagnosed with laryngitis. She was hurried to a hospital when her health worsened. She also dropped a video of herself from the hospital. 

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