Bollywood movies that featured rare disorders

It is very interesting to see the transition of Bollywood scripts from the conventional 3 long hours drama of chor police and love stories two more realistic aspects. There are several illnesses and disorders which do not gain any limelight because of the rarity of their occurrence.

Here are a few Bollywood movies which portrayed beautifully the occurrence of such disorders through some scintillating scripts:-

#1. Taare Zameen Par – Dyslexia (2007)

Amir Khan
This beautiful movie by Aamir Khan gave a wonderful message to the world. It revolves around the little boy Ishaan who suffered from dyslexia and his struggle in performing day to day tasks.

Bollywood movie

This Bollywood drama received tremendous love from the audience. The message of every child being special and unique was magnificently conveyed by the movie.

#2. Paa – progeria (2009)

Bollywood movie
The rarest of the rare disorders of progeria was introduced to many by the movie Paa. The father and son duo of Amitabh and Abhishek Bachan of real life played reverse rolls on the reel screen.

Paa the movie

Progeria is seen in less than hundred people around the world. It is an illness which speeds up the process of aging.

#3. Guzaarish – quadriplegia (2010)

Hrithik movie of bollywood
Guzaarish is a story in which a magician’s failed magic trick leave him paralyzed from neck to toes. The Bollywood portrayed quadriplegia and the way it has to be dealt with, in the most artistic manner

#4. Hichki – Tourette Syndrome (2018)

Rani Mukherjee
Rani Mukherjee made her Bollywood come back after a long time with beguiling performance in Hichki. She played the role of a teacher suffering from Tourette syndrome and depicted the problems that she has to face due to it.

#5. Barfi – Autism (2012)

Barfi Bollywood
The movie Barfi gave Priyanka Chopra one of the finest performances ever. She played the role of a girl suffering from autism in this Bollywood blockbuster.

Autism is basically an illness what characterizes difficulty in social interaction and comprises of of repeated behavioral actions.

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