Bollywood movies depicting agony of perished love

As said very rightly by Victor Hugo, “The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved“. Clearly falling in love with a person brings unprecedented happiness and joy in one’s life. And at any point of time, if you have to lose that love, people get shattered and disheartened. Many Bollywood movie too have portrayed this fact.

Here’s a list of movies a love struck person should rather not watch:-

#1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Bollywood romantic pictures
With some extremely emotional songs, and Ranbir Kapoor’s lovable character, the movie is sure to kill you from within if you have lost love.

Channa mereya

Bollywood’s one of the most finest movie ever, this multistarrer had most of it audience cry at the “Channa Mereya” song.

#2. Raanjhana

Bollywood movie
The Sonam and Dhanush Bollywood love flick certainly didn’t have a happy ending. Especially Dhanush’s last dialogue did give goosebumps.


The story is about a Pandit boy fallen in love with a Muslim girl. He tries to chase her only to meet death in the end.

#3. Tere Naam

Bollywood love story
With the ever mesmerizing Salman on the screen, one is sure to fall in love with the extreme level of emotions, passion and love in Tere Naam.

Salman Khan

This Bollywood romantic ride throws light on what love means to the people who lose their loved ones.

#4. Rockstar

Rockstar- Bollywood
Again a Ranbir starrer Bollywood romantic flick, which surely didn’t have a happy ending. Infact the ending appeared to outlandish and unconventional where Heer gets married to another guy and dies of cancer in the end.

#5. Devdas

Bollywood romantic movie - Devdas
The epic trio of Aishwarya, Madhuri and Shahrukh made the movie reach at its peak in terms of popularity. The film is based on the classic novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

Park n devdas

However, given the extremity of Paro getting married to another man and Devdas drinking to death, this Bollywood movie is a big no for true lovers.

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