Bollywood actresses breaking the stereotypes of the industry

Women today are ruling the world. Not only in terms of equality, but also in terms of presenting themselves, not being shy of body shaming, not bothered by societal pressures of staying at home etc. There has been a paradigm shift in the way women are looked upon today. Bollywood actresses too are breaking all stereotypes of the industry and are appearing emergent with every move.

Let us take a look at few such instances where our Bollywood starlets have bypassed the typical paths and set unique paths.

Playing unconventional roles

To begin with, lets talk about the kind of roles played by Bollywood actresses today. Unlike the conventional hero centric plots, today the industry prefers having heroine centric scripts.

Bollywood actress
Recently a role played by Alia Bhatt in an ad was of a taxi driver. She has proved time and again there is no stopping to women actresses.

Not giving a damn to body shaming

Next we consider about Bollywood actresses accepting their bodies that way they are. They are not shy of making public appearances the way they are.

Vidya balan

One of the finest actresses of Bollywood, Vidya Balan has urged the world to believe that acting skills are incomparable to appearance.

Love ain’t age bound

A global star, Priyanka Chopra has impressed audiences across the globe with her scintillating acting skills and her fashion game. Bollywood’s desi girl left her fans lurking as she went ahead and married singer Nick Jonas.

Bollywood couple

Priyanka and Nick’s love story gained immense attention because of the fact that the couple have an age difference of 10 years between them! And to add to it, Priyanka is the older mate of the the two.

Remaining a spinster forever

Bachelorhood is lost once we reach an ‘age’ for marriage! The society leaves no stones unturned to torcher you for being unmarried after having passed the right age. For women especially, Indian minds think alike.


However, leaving the stereotypical belief at bay, Bollywood actress chose to stay unmarried through their lives. The stunning Rekha and benevolent Tabu are the Bollywood actresses who have stayed unhooked so far.

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