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Bigg Boss 16: is Abdu leaving the house?

Key Takeaways:

  • A shocking episode of Bigg Boss season 16 will be released and will astound everyone. In a recently released promo for the show, Bigg Boss told Abdu Rozik to leave the house.

Bigg Boss season 16 will deliver a shocking episode that will surprise everyone. Bigg Boss told Abdu Rozik to leave the house in a recent promo that the show’s producers have just released. 

After hearing Bigg Boss’ announcement, the housemates broke down in tears. The housemates lost it and broke down in tears, unable to control their feelings. 

In a statement, Bigg Boss said, “Abdu aap gharwalon se vidaa lekar ghar ke bahar ajayiye.”

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, MC Stan, and Sumbul Touqeer were among Abdu’s friends who could not believe that he was leaving the house. Even Abdu breaks down in tears as he prepares to leave the house.

Sajid and Sumbul recently pulled a prank on Abdu Rozik. Abdu’s team denounced Bigg Boss in a statement that was made public. 

Bigg Boss 16: is Abdu leaving the house?
Bigg Boss 16: is Abdu leaving the house? Image from The Indian Express

Sajid advised Andu to wish Nimrit a happy birthday by writing the phrase on his body so that it would be clear to those unfamiliar with the custom. 

When Abdu asked them to write “I love you” on his back at the same time, they instead inscribed “I love Tatti.”

According to a statement released by Abdu’s team, the IFCM team is saddened and shocked that their client Abdu Rozik is experiencing such offensive, discriminatory behaviour in the Big Boss House. 

It is morally inappropriate to use deceitful methods and play on an innocent person’s emotions for one’s nefarious gain, especially if you are taking advantage of their simplicity and kindness and they don’t fully understand the reasoning behind the activity.

According to rumours, Abdu left Salman Khan’s reality show for two days due to health issues and will soon return.

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