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BB 16: MC Stan fans calls Priyanka and Ankit hypocrite

Key Takeaways:

  • Bigg Boss 16 viewers enjoy MC Stan’s appearance on the show. Despite not necessarily being the most involved member, he has no trouble being funny.
  • Actually, he had used somewhat patronising language when he spoke to her. Ankit Gupta had assured him that no one would ever touch him.

Fans of Bigg Boss 16 like MC Stan on the programme. Even though he may not be the most involved member, he can be amusing with ease. In fact, a few of his live feed exchanges with Shiv Thakare, Abdu Rozik, and Sumbul Touqeer are absolute gold. 

Salman Khan said to MC Stan yesterday that his supporters are voting carefully. If he decided to leave the show, he warned that people would label him a quitter. 

The rapper claimed he had fallen into depression and was greatly missing his parents, music, and studio. Additionally, Tina Datta stated that MC Stan must return home for his good. But Salman Khan’s inspiring words cheered him up, and they cheered him up.

BB 16: MC Stan fans calls Priyanka and Ankit hypocrite
BB 16: MC Stan fans calls Priyanka and Ankit hypocrite. Image from Prabhat Khabar

The makers also sent him gifts from Buba; his girlfriend’s real name is Anam Shaikh. After getting a picture of his parents and her t-shirts, he was ecstatic. When Abdu Rozik saw this, he was also extremely pleased. 

Even Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta yesterday told MC Stan to continue with the show. The rapper’s followers immediately called out his hypocrisy. It is well known that Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and MC Stan do not get along.

In actuality, he had spoken in rather patronising terms to her. He had been assured by Ankit Gupta that no one would ever touch him. As a result of seeing his fandom, #PriyAnkit has been called out by Stan’s supporters.

Let’s see if MC Stan starts playing the game and takes Salman Khan’s advice seriously. With such a sizable fanbase, it would be criminal for him not to up his game. Fans of MC Stan are still very active.

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