Anurag Kashyap SLAMS Haters Who Called Him A Hypocrite


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is one of the most talented directors in Bollywood. He is also one celebrity who never hesitates to sound off his opinions on various issues including social and political. However, he gets trolled more often than not for his opinion. Recently, a Twitter user called talented filmmaker a hypocrite after his tweet about Twinkle Sharma murder case that has shaken the entire nation.

Anurag Kashyap took to Twitter to share a TOI article with a caption that reads, “Fake videos and rumours have created a riot like situation in Aligarh”.

His tweet about the heinous murder case didn’t go down well with the Netizens, who soon started calling out the acclaimed director. One user even went on to call him a hypocrite because he sought aid from PM Narendra Modi when his daughter was threatened but he is not angry after a little soul was murdered brutally. The Tweet from the troll reads, “Entitled Bollywoodia tags PMO when someone threatens his daughter on Instagram. But the 2.5 year old brutalised and murdered should not call for anger of the common man.”

Director didn’t let the troll get away with the tweet, as he responded with a strong message that reads, “Murder of a child is as heinous a crime as it can be and there should be action and there was. Criminals were arrested. But taking it further to say there was rape, and dismembering of the body and eyes gouged out which didn’t happen and then creating an atmosphere of riots. No.”

Well, Anurag Kashyap does make a strong point and shuts down the troll at the same time.