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An overview of the ultimate South controversies of the year 2022 - Filmymantra
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An overview of the ultimate South controversies of the year 2022

Key takeaways: 

  • Nayanthara-Vignesh’s surrogacy and Kantara plagiarism controversy to Liger’s problem with ED.

2022 South Fusses

2022 has been an exhilarating year full of significant hits, celebrity marriages, and Twitter rivalries. 

As we are close to the end of another successful year, it is time to brood some major controversies of 2022.

Nayanthara-Vignesh’s surrogacy quarrel

Might Couple Nayanthara-Vignesh Shivan recently welcomed parenthood by greeting twins through surrogacy. 

However, their surrogacy procedure came under glow after Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian announced that the government would be executing an investigation into the system, “The surrogacy itself is subjected to a lot of arguments. But, the law allows people to be involved in surrogacy if they are beyond 21 years and under 36 years of age, with the family’s support.”

Responding to the same, in a testimony presented by Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan, the couple revealed that their wedding was registered six years back. 

However, the two exchanged marriage vows in a lavish ceremony on 9th June this year in Mahabalipuram.

Later on, providing a clean chit to the new parents, the rules stated that Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan had submitted all the lawful records needed as per the ICMR rules. 

The committee also explained that the embryo in question was created in August 2020, when commercial surrogacy was permitted in India.

Kantara plagiarism controversy 

Rishab Shetty delivered the biggest sensation of his career to date in the form of Kantara. 

The highly-acclaimed film landed in court as a Kerala-based band, Thaikkudam Bridge, pointed a plagiarism case for the music Varaha Roopam. 

However, Kozhikode District Court ignored the plea, lifting the music ban.

Reacting to the immense success, the lead and filmmaker of the film, Rishab Shetty took to Twitter and thanked the audience with the following words, “We have won the Varaharoopam lawsuit with the blessings of the Gods and the love of the fans.”

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