Amul girl is weeping after Kathua, Unnao rape cases and Twitterati’s are sad !

The recent bad and brutal Kathua and Unnao rape cases that’ve taken place in India have left a very earth shattering, bad and bitter taste in everyone’s mouth, and ultimately also an devastating effect on people in India and even on a global international level worldwide. These hard core brutal and very shameful incidents were followed by some more of these incidents in various and diverse parts of our country and it has successfully just ended up to bow down our head in front of the world. Indian people all over the country which include many Bollywood celebrities have openly protested against this shameful, worst and heinous act. Many Bollywood celebs even came out on the roads publicly to do the public protest along with all other people.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally ended up breaking his shameful silence and has said that no guilty person will be spared and the proper justice will be served. But now all Indians and globally international audiences are very eager and even anxious to see the next course of strict action being taken against these rapists by the Supreme Court of India. The said brutal and sadistic crime is so big that there’s no point in keeping patience and an immediate action needs to be taken for the same with immediate effect. Meanwhile, Amul is once again as always like each time back with its new topical cartoon and this time it has talked about the “atrocities on women” through its cartoon.

Amul wrote : #Amul Topical: Condemning atrocities on women…

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