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Adivi Sesh opens up about auditions in Tollywood 

Key takeaways: 

  • Adivi Sesh said there needed to be a culture of auditioning for movies in the Telugu line. 
  • The superstar opened up about why he began composing his own film.

Adivi Sesh on auditioning in Tollywood 

Artist Adivi Sesh, who recently starred in Telugu serial killer movie HIT 2. Earlier this year, Major, he opened up on why he began co-writing his own movies in a recent interview. He said that there’s no auditioning culture in the Telugu film line, and actors take all the significant roles in a movie from film families. 

Adivi recently talked about how for artists in the Telugu industry, who are not from a movie family, auditioning was confined to the role of ‘hero’s fourth friend or other comparable roles’. He added that somebody like him was ‘choice number 53’ for a good screenplay.

Adivi Sesh’s interview

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Adivi asked why he began writing his own movies. “Four out of my previous six movies were co-written by me in collaboration with the filmmaker. When you come from out, people don’t approach you. You’re not being regarded.”

He said that the Telugu industry has no auditioning culture, at least not for lead characters. “Usually, it’s reserved… You’re mainly auditioning for the hero’s fourth friend or other similar roles. I wanted to have some power over this process.”

“You end up composing your own thing partly because I wanted to manage this process. Not that I know any better, but I know at least if I drop, I’ll know why I am falling,” he said.

Sesh’s last launch, HIT 2, turned out to be a box-office sensation. It follows police official Krishna Dev, aka KD (Adivi Sesh) of the Andhra Police’s Homicide Intervention Team (HIT) and how he manages a new challenge– concerning a serial killer who targets females – that gives him wakeful nights.

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