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Aarav used to compares me with Yeti says Twinkle Khanna

Key Takeaways:

  • Twinkle Khanna shared a video of herself in a bikini and expressed her desire for warmth amid London’s bitterly cold winter.
  • Twinkle is a student at the prestigious Goldsmiths University of London right now. The woman posted a video of Akshay Kumar visiting her university last month.

Twinkle Khanna, a former actress, author, and writer, posted a clip of herself in swimwear and also talked about wishing for sunshine amid London’s freezing winter. 

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fiction Writing in the British capital. She also revealed that her son Aarav Bhatia compares her to Yetis because she dresses in layers of warm clothing.

Twinkle posted the poolside video and asked, “Do Yetis Dream of Sunshine? I’m trying to stay warm by daydreaming of the sun as I bundle up in layers of thermals, sweaters, wool socks, and a coat my son claims makes me look like we’ve finally discovered proof that yetis exist. 

Disclaimer: There is no connection between yetis or the sun and The Sex and the City music. I simply couldn’t locate a different track.

A follower commented, “Yep, stay warm… looks like we are going to have a snowy xmas!” in response to Twinkle’s humorous post. Another said, “I love your irony.” Additionally, someone remarked, “Completely agree… it’s so cold.”

In 2001, Twinkle Khanna wed Akshay Kumar. Aarav and Nitara, their two children, were born. After appearing in movies like Baadshah (1999), Mela (2000), and Joru Ka Ghulam (2000), among others, Twinkle ended her acting career two decades ago.

Aarav used to compares me with Yeti says Twinkle Khanna
Aarav used to compares me with Yeti says Twinkle Khanna. Image from India TV News

Mrs. Funnybones, Pyjamas are Forgiving, and also the Legend of Lakshmi Prasad are some of the best-selling books she has since written. She also manages Tweak India, a website where she discusses various current issues.

Twinkle is currently enrolled at the esteemed Goldsmiths, University of London. She shared a video of Akshay Kumar visiting her university last month. 

He claimed to have come to pick her up, and she later looked into what she was doing at the academy. What’s it like to become an older student returning to the academy to pursue a master’s degree? Every day I feel like my mind has been put through a washing machine, and it is a pleasure to have spotless ideas.

On some evenings, the kids and I work on our respective assignments on our dining table with papers all over and shared pencils. 

And when my husband comes to pick me up from university, I turn into a giddy teenager,” she had written in the post.

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