A Woman Opens The Emergency Exit Thinking Of It As Toilet On Pakistan Airlines


What’s the most bizarre thing you have ever heard? Imagine a woman opening the emergency exit door on board of a Pakistan Airline. Oh yes, you heard it right! Scroll over for the details.

A female traveler opened the emergency door thinking it off as a toilet, putting all the passengers on board into ecstasy. The women left her seat early morning to use the washroom when the aircraft was on the Manchester runway. She went ahead and pressed the emergency button in order to open the exit door.

All the passengers went into a state of panic. A PIA spokesperson said, “The PIA flight, PK 702, from Manchester to Islamabad was delayed by seven hours. The departure was delayed on Friday night when a passenger erroneously opened the emergency exit causing the emergency chute to activate”

The incident took place when the aircraft was ready to take off, in lieu of all this the passengers were offloaded from the plane. The flight was delayed for the next 7 hours, due to women’s ignorant behavior.

We definitely can’t make out if this incident is funny or foolish. Passengers need to be more aware of their surroundings.