A snake slid into a man’s pant and stayed there for seven hours!

The movie Snakes on a Plane surely gave us goosebumps! However, here’s a real life incident that is way scarier than the movie too. In the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh, a man reportedly had a cobra slid into his pants while he was asleep. The man was held onto a pole for almost 7 long hours before the snake could be rescued from his lower body.

As per the reports, the incident occurred in Sikandarpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur. A group of labourers who were working on the installation of electricity poles and wires happened to experience this incident.

Snake in man's pants

The working men fell off asleep after working through the day post dinner. The man who got victimised was Lovekesh Kumar who too was sleeping. It was around midnight that he realised of the snake being present in his pant. In order to save himself from a snake bite, Lovekesh immediately stood up.

The man kept on standing through seven long hours with the support of a pillar. The people arranged for a snake catcher by morning. The video showing how the man was rescued is totally trending on the social media. It is indeed a fun to watch episode to see a man standing by a pillar with the pants down waiting for someone to get him rescued!

The unbelievable incident is true to every bit! The video of the rescue operation from the snake is too well set to be watched several times! Fortunately, the man did not get bitten by the snake and is in good health. Otherwise how could a snake have not bitten the man even after spending seven long hours close to his body? Strange and wierd right? Have you be any chance come across something like this before? Write to us!


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