20 Silly Mistakes That Prove Why dictionary is Really Important

Everyone makes spelling or grammar mistakes sometimes. (I ain’t not guna deny that.) For this, though? Grammar nerds, unite.

From its bizarre spelling rules to its free-for-all grammar, it’s a daily struggle just trying to form sentences that make sense. No wonder people are turning to emoji to express their thoughts, rather than coping with some weird English words.

You’ll be tearing out your hair after seeing these blatantly awful grammar mistakes (hopefully you’ll be laughing while you do). It’s funny how one little misspelling can result in an entirely different, and hilarious, message.

1.Me too, man.

I would be pretty concerned if someone was just ok about eating diarrhoea. We all are unable to eat diarrhoea.

2. Some truthful ads are refreshing.

Do you feel ‘ugh’ sometimes about your boots. This shop exactly feels and understand the same. I love their honesty.

3. A new spin on The Walking Dead!

It sounds like they’ve been transformed into zombies. If I were you, I would avoid going down.

4. I can’t even imagine…

Sounds pretty amazing but how can one is supposed to imagine something that’s more that they can imagine.

5. Hunting pedestrians can be tricky.

Pedestrians are usually unaware that they are being hunted but if you catch them by surprise, then you’re onto a winner!

6. A powerful message

I really do remember everyone who has served me a hot breakfast. They are heroes and will never be forgotten.

7. Before what again?

Before ded? What’s that? Sounds a little ominous. Maybe they should check their spelling of IMPORTANT instructions on medication before printing it.

8. At least they acknowledged it.

“We sure feel silly”. I love this! At least they were honest about it. If I’m honest, I thought that they were trying to make “newss” cool and be more down with the kids.

9. Can’t wait to see that!

I really do want to see a violator get towed, that sounds like it would be pretty amusing.

10. They paid for bad grammar.

I wonder if anyone ever actually bought these? I would love one Brid bucket, please! At least they reduced the price but STILL, it’s cheeky to ask people to pay for it.

11. What comes after “no”?

The temptation to click no is INTENSE but I’m slightly scared, will my computer somehow kill me?

12. The fish are really tired of his attitude.

I wonder what a Scuba Diva is? Sounds like Rich Howard is incredibly sassy, the fish are probably pretty tired of his attitude, I know I am.

13. God forbid.

This is a classy area. We don’t deal with trash here, NO only garbage because that’s a COMPLETELY different thing.

14. We are all worried.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we are all very worried about the door and why it’s alarmed. We want the door to feel safe and anything that startled it should be confronted.

15. What do you know about target groups?

If you are a disabled, elderly, pregnant child then THIS is the toilet for you! Talk about the target market, this is the most specific one I’ve EVER seen.

16. She’s not wrong…

Cookies and cream ice cream sound amazing to me but I don’t want a huge BOWEL of it, that just sounds gross.

17. British classics took a turn.

That took a turn for the worse. I just wanted a nice dinner and suddenly it looks like I’m getting more than I bargained for OR wanted.

18. Too easy for kids and too hard for newswriters!

Yes, school may be too easy for kids. However, it looks like ADULT newsreaders need to go back to school and work on their grammar.

19. Gladly, the only Hitler who got a home run.

I really hope this guy’s name isn’t actually Hitler because that’s really unfortunate. Congrats on getting a home run though…

20. We don’t want to disturb the people.

Have some respect guys. The people are eating CHILDREN here! Let them have some privacy as it’s completely normal…be polite and make sure your dog doesn’t bother them.

Now your English lessons seem to be more necessary, right?